Swiss Presso is a wonderful combination of Swiss passion for details with the Italian coffee culture. Specializes in meeting the aspiration of those seeking rich coffee taste, through high quality espresso machines and capsules brought together from the UAE.

WHY Choose Swiss Presso?

Swiss Presso knows coffee. We select the right kind of beans and accurate roasting process to have that perfect blend and aroma. We focus on giving only quality flavor.


Swiss Presso coffee machine from Föhn combines ease of use, design magnificence and precision manufacturing, the true expression of the Swiss Presso character. It enables you to prepare a cup of coffee that tells your passion, suits your mood and frees your creativity every morning.


Swiss Presso capsules take its strong character from the mix of Arabica and Robusta beans from South and Central America. With flavors ranging from deeper dark roast, bolder medium roast and smoother light roast.
Capsules produced by Swiss Presso are compatible for use with Nespresso® and do not replace the use of original capsules.


Swiss Presso brings its luxurious touch by supplying coffee machines, coffee capsules and coffee accessories to hotels and other establishments. With our flexible contract terms, we loan coffee machines and provide maintenance against monthly supply of coffee capsules.

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